Caring For Caseworkers

Help a vulnerable child now by supporting men and woman on the frontline of this crisis . . . the caseworkers.

Children impacted by foster care with one caseworker during their case have a 74% chance of achieving a permanent home.

In contrast, children that experience caseworker turnover have only a 17% chance of reaching permanency.    

In our area, caseworker turnover is over 40% often due to secondary trauma, burnout, lack of support, lack of resources and increasing caseloads as a result of  the high employee turnover. 

Alliance Churches are paired with a unit of caseworkers to provide monthly support. Units range in size from 10-60 caseworkers. The church provides support, encouragement, and resources to hard-working caseworkers. 

Be a part of a child’s healing community by supporting the caseworkers that play a vital piece in helping children find a permanent home.

Connect with Community Engagement Specialist to mobilize your church.

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