We have helped over 500 people complete the required training to become verified babysitters for foster families.

The Babysitting Collaborative is NOW a self paced virtual certification program!
Are you looking for a way to serve children and families impacted by the foster care system?
Did you know that 50% of foster families quit after just one year due to lack of support?
Support is often challenging to find because foster families must have verified babysitters to go on a date night, weekend away or tend to other family needs.
You or your friends and family can enroll and begin at any time through our online training program.

We have partnered with 12 local foster agencies to meet all state requirements:

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We are here to help! We have helped over 500 people complete the required training.

The Babysitting Collaborative combines the multiple training steps and simplifies the paperwork process into one self paced, asynchronous learning platform.  Certification that used to take weeks can now be completed in just one day or at your own pace.