What We Do

'The Village Vision'

The South Texas Alliance for Orphans exists to support, equip and encourage churches in fulfilling the biblical orphan care mandate through their families.

Why a Village Matters

The Scoreboard of our Mission

We will tip the scales when...

  1. Christian Foster/Adopt Homes exceed kids needing a temporary or permanent home.
  2. All Christian churches are actively engaged along some point on the continuum of care serving children in foster care or adopted children, their birth families, their foster or adoptive families or the professionals in the child protective system.
  3. All churches and ministries are connected and working together.

photo of scales

The Alliance will accomplish this by:

  1. Assisting in launching foster and adoption ministries
  2. Providing training and events
  3. Navigating and connecting local, regional and national resources
  4. Championing regional awareness of needs
  5. Collaborating with government entities to facilitate system and community best practice

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The Modern Day Orphan

Traditionally the term orphan was used to indicate a child whose parents had both passed away. Today the term is used more broadly to describe children who need a for-now or a forever family for a variety of reasons including voluntary placement, abuse and neglect.