Proven Ministry Model


Discover, Gather and Serve the Core

  • Core: current members already engaged along the foster/adopt continuum
  • Church: church leadership discovers and gathers the Core
  • Alliance: provides ministry leader development for the Core
  • Product: a Foster/Adopt Ministry which provides a care community for the Core
  • Result: the Core organically recruits new families


Discover, Gather and Serve as the Crowd

  • Crowd: the church body...everyone can do something!
  • Core and the Church: facilitates Informational Meetings
  • Alliance: casts the vision helping everyone discover a place and a way to serve
  • Product: connects the Crowd directly with nonprofits through which they can serve
  • Result: an educated and empowered church body


Discover, Gather and Serve as a Community

  • Community: the broader foster/adopt community in South Texas
  • Church: serves the community through donating their time, talent, resources and businesses
  • Alliance: provides a variety of Church and Family Training 
  • Product: trained volunteers better able to care for foster/adopt children and their families
  • Result: a well equipped care community enageged along the foster/adopt continuum