The Local Crisis

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services - Region 8

children were in the care of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

of these children were in foster homes.

of these kids were placed outside of their home county due to lack of homes. (Source)

children are legally free for adoption, waiting for forever homes.

The Urgent Need in Region 8

There are more children in need of homes than there are foster and adoptive families. Children will spend tonight, and many more to come, in an emergency shelter or group home, instead of with a loving family.Map of Texas showing Region 8

  • 100 families are needed today to empty the emergency shelters
  • Over 200 families are needed to move all children in a group setting to a family setting
  • Another 250 families could prepare for children in residential treatment facilities who are receiving therapy in preparation for the hopes of placing them with a loving family.